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Final Campaign Results included reviews, articles and news releases at:

Time Magazine
Entertainment Today
Computer Gaming World
Stuff Magazine
PC Gameworld
Game Now and Game Pro Magazines
Consumer Electronics
Houston Chronicle
Alternative Press
Philadelphia Inquirer
KNTV- San Jose
Las Vegas Review Journal
Scripps Howard News Service
Worked for Gathering, PC Publisher and parent company Take-Two New York and London offices, along with Industry Media of New York City to promote and market the new PC video game Space Colony. Was responsible for the creation and management of the media database that was used for all press mailings, media alerts and correspondence, including our final review mailing to over 900 media outlets. Executed our Holiday Gift Guide and Preview Copy campaign which included mailings and follow-up correspondence to approximately 300 select magazines, newspapers, online and broadcast contacts. Market research and analysis of new media outlets and identification of key local affiliate broadcast targets and websites for our final review mailings.
Created a heavily researched, and extensively detailed statewide database of private and corporate foundations to be used in funding applications. Studied with Allison Supansic at the Hogg Foundation Library in Austin to organize a system for the department to match funding needs with prospective donors. Researched departmental programming and University development projects to ensure that the database included usable contacts that highlighted key areas of interest.

Assisted the Chair in Alumni communications and event planning for departmental events. Assisted in the planning and coordination of the 2000 anniversary alumni celebration.
Endowment Campaign Consultant. Personally requested by the Headmistress of the school to train and provide coaching and experience for fund raising representatives for their 4 million dollar endowment campaign. I worked with development represented to prepare them for alumni and foundation visits and interviews. I researched prospective donor candidates and organized detailed role-playing scenarios and improvisation situations so that each one of our campaign associates had the best chances for success.
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