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A recent study published by the Princeton Review notes a considerable rise in college applications, a trend that has been increasing over the past 3 decades. Harvard and NYU have reported record early decision numbers for 2002 and expect 2003 to be no different.
During the 2003-04 academic year, college tuition and fees increased an average of $579 at four-year public institutions, $1,114 at four-year private institutions, and $231 at two-year public institutions. In 2002-03, $105 billion was distributed in student financial aid — a record amount, which was $13 billion more than was distributed the previous year.
- College board 10/21/03

Women outnumber men right now in our colleges and universities according to the National Association of College Admission Counselors. 80% of the American population have achieved a high school degree or higher and 24% have earned bachelor degrees.
In a survey conducted by the NACAC, 76% of institutions reported a college preparatory course as of considerable importance in the college admission process.
- National Association of College Admissions Counselors (NACAC).
has almost become a Fine Art these days. Enrollment at universities is climbing, SAT scores are at an all time high, the cost of tuition is rising, and application requirements are becoming frighteningly more narrow.

With everything students have to consider it may seem to require a team of talent agents to stand out among the masses. Our high school seniors are often facing a scene that looks like David meeting the Goliath of Corporate America armed only with a number 2 pencil.
Students who have already identified the performing arts for their post-secondary education face an entirely different application process. In addition to the customary and often detailed admission materials required by schools, the performing artist must also undergo an audition or entrance interview either in person or prepared on videotape. Some schools have detailed audition specifications that require the performer to prepare numerous selections.

Prospective students also often need to contribute a resume or portfolio of work and in some instances participate in a workshop or day of extended interviews with the faculty.

Because of the nature of this audition process it demands a considerable time and financial commitment for both the parent and student.
As a college admissions consultant it is my wish to alleviate much of the anxiety facing young artists at this important crossroads in their life.

Over the past 20 years I’ve been through this process myself many times as a student, performer, and educator. I will bring my knowledge, lessons learned, and perspective in the field of arts education to the table for your family to use.

I help students to identify education and career goals. I provide counseling so that the student can select a school that suits their needs and I assist them in building their admission portfolio. I recommend audition material and coach students in how to present it as well as prepare them for interviews, talent scholarships, and college visits.
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Give your students, cast, or employees an outside guide to help accomplish new skills or add a new “outfit” to their “traveling suitcase.” Whether you are a teacher wanting to provide your students with a new perspective on their developing technique or an employer or director needing consultation, I can help you achieve your goals.

Choose from any of the ready made workshops or lessons below or “make a request” and I’ll create a custom presentation. I work with any age, any group, or any project that wants to build a set of creative and practical tools for the workplace, stage, or classroom.
· Physical Comedy and the Art of Clowning
· Outside/In. External Approaches to building a character (LaBan, Chekhov, Morris)
· Ready, Set, Go! Exploring the actor’s warm-up, body, voice, and imagination.
· Voice-Overs, Public Speaking, and Storytelling. The fine art of rhetoric.
· Vocal Health for the actor/singer.
· Historical Movement and Period Acting Styles
· Acting for One. How the stage actor adjusts for the camera.
· Audition Workbook. The structure and etiquette of an audition.
· Off to College. Preparation for auditions, interviews and scholarship programs.
· Page to Stage. Create, write, and perform new theatre, an exploration of the dramatic experience.
· Shakespeare, his language, style, and acting.
· “And then we sing . . .” How to tell a good story in song, a challenge faced by many actors in musicals.
· Improvisation and Role Playing. How to respond imaginatively to the unpredictable.
Good for businesses that want to help employees explore creative solutions to challenges.

** Time frame for workshops will vary depending on the needs of the organization but can range anywhere from several weeks to one class period.
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