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Floral Design

Waltons Florist

Floral Assistant for dozens of special events and weddings. Experienced in general everyday floral designs to special occasion needs such as Prom or wedding corsages or funeral arrangements.

Hansing-Moon Wedding
Floral and decorative designer for 150 person wedding. Responsible for the buying, design and building of the bride’s bouquet, wedding party flowers, and table/reception centerpieces.
Opening and end of year formal banquet for academy students, parents, faculty, administrators of the school and often prospective academy families. Responsible for the selection and mailing of invitations, selection and coordination of caterers, menu, location, and event supplies. Director of banquet awards, presentations and administrative speeches. Floral and decorative designer for events and coordinator of technical support.

Opening and Wrap party Director. Responsible for the coordination of parent and alumni event donation and volunteer activities. House and event manager for all shows and post production celebrations
Special Event Associate for an upscale Rural Washington DC caterer. Assisted in the execution of highly stylized and themed events as an entertainer, designer, chef, and hostess. Themed events ranged from Caribbean Island to A baroque garden maze, all filled with set dressings, lights, music, and food that of course matched the theme. To walk into one of these events was to leave reality behind and step into a world of fun and fantasy.
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